In Praise of BBC4

This entry was inspired by a documentary I just happened upon regarding coach travel in the 1950s, BBC4 is awesome. Before I proceed, I must stress that I haven’t done any research for what follows, if any of it is wrong feel free to point it out but dont expect a response.

I’m not sure exactly when BBC4 appeared, I think it was called something else to begin with but I’m not sure what. BBC4 shows us that absolutely everything is interesting and that this can be dangerous. It teaches you things that you dont need to know and will only partially remember, I now know that Cheltenham was a massive coach hub in the 50’s, soon I’ll forget why I know this and at some point probably think that I’ve made it up but then worry why I would make something like that up. Anyway.

I had no idea how interesting the National Grid was until I watched a 3 part (3 hour long) documentary on it which covered everything from nuclear weapons to the miners strike. I’ve also watched programmes about National Heritage, Merle Haggard, and disagreements over the running of the Freud Museum. Dont put it on unless you want to waste time because it can steal hours but it doesnt seem like a waste.


I’m not sure how many people watch BBC4 or how much it costs but I’m guessing it probably couldnt make money, I’d pay for it and I suppose some other Guardianistas would but I dont think it would have much chance. We should save it from the destructive power of the bad Tories, it’s only a matter of time before they try and kill it.

Also 4 is my second favourite number.

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