Loaves 21 – 24

21 to 23 were just normal loaves, I’ve been experimenting with the amount of liquid (water and oil), it is a lot easier to knead if you add more liquid.

Loaf 21

Loaf 22

Loaf 23

Loaf 24 – This is the first round loaf I’ve made in a while, it went a bit weird in the middle. I added quite a lot of pepper to this one to see if it goes better with cheese.

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Loaf 20

This loaf contained a mixture of poppy and sunflower seeds, which was nice. I think I might have left it to prove for a little too long, I think the crust dries out too much so it burns faster in the oven, I think 40 minutes is about the right amount of time to leave it.


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Loaf 19

This seems to have become a blog about bread, never mind. Here is my 19th loaf, this one was made specifically to make sandwiches from for a train journey, that is why it doesnt have seeds on the crust (they come off and go everywhere), it also contains linseeds which reduce the need to shit.

No.20 is currently proving.

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Loaves 17 and 18


Seventeen: This week I bought some Canadian bread flour and made the following loaf with poppy seeds. 


Earlier today I organised my clothes and got rid of some that I dont wear. I started by making a programme to help. I only managed to get rid of 11 things, however, that was 16% of the contents of my wardrobe. I’ve moved the items that I’ve kept for sentimental reasons out of the wardrobe. I really need to buy some more clothes, someone should invent a more efficient system whereby you dont have to go to a shop or look at any clothes. 


Eighteen: I used more of the Canadian flour. This is the first loaf that I’ve coated with seeds, I used milk to glue them on.


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16 Loaves

Good Evening

One of my unpublished aims of 2012 was to learn to make bread, it is going ok. So far this year I have made 16 loaves of bread and we havent purchased any bread since 21st January which was over a month ago.

I started with a soda bread recipe from the internet as I thought this would be easier, I encountered two problems; firstly, you have to do the mixing and stuff quite quickly and I prefer to operate in a slow and considered manner, secondly, it was quite a wet dough and I dont really like things sticking to me, this was the result:

My second attempt was also soda bread, this one didnt turn out as well as the first:

My third loaf was my fist attempt at proper bread with yeast in it, it didnt turn out all that bad, a bit dense though. Not really sure why it turned out kind of square.

Four: another proper loaf, it was much colder in the flat this time and it took ages to rise, I really didnt expect it to bake properly but it wasnt too bad, not sure why it was a ledge on one side.

Five and Six: After loaf 4 I purchased the River Cottage Handbook No.3 – Bread  by Daniel Stevens. I made two loaves in one go, one with wholemeal flour and one with white, the book suggests putting boiling water into a heated baking tray to fill the oven with steam, this seems to have improved the crust. The slashes do seem to be necessary.

Seven: This was a mixture of wholemeal and white flour, it turned out a bit dry and seems to have nostrils. I dont think I added enough oil.

Eight: We were watching six feet under when I was putting this one in the oven and I forgot to slash the top, this seems to have lead to a cavity between the crumb and the crust.

Nine: This one was nice, it was about 80% white 20% wholemeal with poppy and sunflower seeds.

Ten: A slight variation on nine, less wholemeal flour but baked for longer.

Eleven: This one had slightly more oil, loads of seeds and higher quality flour. Better flour seems to make a difference, the dough is much more stretchy and it seems to produce a better flavour.

Twelve: more or less the same as eleven, I seem to have shaped it a bit better.

Thirteen: I left this one to prove for a little too long and the crust seems to have dried out a bit too much and burnt a little.

Fourteen: This was really nice, I used Alisons Premium Strong White Bread flour and loads of poppy seeds. The middle slash always seems a little squashed, I might experiment with 2 slashes or shallower slashes.

Fifteen: This was my attempt to make a simple white loaf to compare with loaves 3 and 4 (the first proper loaves) the shape was a bit rough but the crumb was much more even and it tasted a lot better. I think I’ve made some progress although I should really have used the same flour to make it fair.

Sixteen: I used the last of the premium flour with a bit of cheap wholemeal and some poppy seeds, it turned out pretty well, we will be having it with falafel burgers for dinner tonight, wearing sandals and reading the guardian.





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My Life in Data

Since 11th August 2011 I have been recording my expenditure in detail, as it is now time to spend loads of money at a variety of places I have decided that I probably cant be bothered updating the database with it all, so instead of having an incomplete dataset I have decided to abandon the log.

I have been recording my transactions in a mySQL database lent to me by a friend, updating my transactions through a webpage accessed on my phone. As of yesterday I had spent £2099.46. The log did not include money spent on bills.

From the final data I extracted 3 months of data, September to November, in total I spent £1272.20. Each entry was made under a category, the breakdown for the period is as follows:

As you can see the largest category was “coffee” which accounted for 24.87% of my expenditure, this was not unexpected but still slightly worrying.

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Sorry I got sidetracked

I can’t remember when I last updated this, it certainly wasnt yesterday so I have failed at the One a Day thing, never mind. I will try and update more often starting with a rview of my progress against my objectives.

  1. Walk to the lake district, along the Dales Way – I have done this, it was ace.
  2. Move house – I have moved house, I now live in a very functional flat on a light industrial estate.
  3. Visit London – I will be doing this in December.
  4. Learn to cook – I have made no progress.
  5. Make a proper bookcase, not semi disposable Swedish kind – nothing yet.
  6. Do food shopping properly, not everyday – I have created a database in which I log all of my financial transactions, this will enable me to analyse my shopping behaviour.
  7. Start watching Eastenders so I can relate to the common people – I cant bring myself to watch it any more.
  8. Bring down the government, they don’t speak for us – It may be easier just to hide, buy canned goods and wait for all this horse shit to pass.
  9. Try not to live so relentlessly in the real world – the degree to which I live in the real world varies greatly from day to day.
  10. Cancel BT Openzone contract – Done.
  11. Drink less coffee – my coffee intake has declined slightly in recent months, but data collected in the past month shows that it is still far too high, what is normal?
  12. Crush enemies – I keep forgetting who my enemies are, sometimes I feel like it is almost everyone, especially chuggers.
  13. Read all Booker winners from 2000-2010 – I haven’t read any for ages, remedial action must be taken.
  14. Go to Manchester more – I am in Manchester 15-20% of the time.
  15. Learn to play Gymnopedie (may need a piano) – I have forgotten how to play the first bit.
  16. Go to the seaside – I have been to Blackpool.
  17. Use the internet less – the book I am reading (The Filter Bubble) is making me scared of the internet.
  18. Do Xmas shopping in November – N/A

So there it is, not doing too badly.

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